COVID-19 ICS213 Resource Request

Use this form to request resources from VDEM/FEMA through the Regional Healthcare Coalition.

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PPE Resource Request

Use this form to request PPE direct from the coalition such as N95s, Surgical Masks, Faceshields, etc.

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Non-PPE Coalition Request

Use this form to request NON - PPE direct from the coalition such as generators, cots, etc...

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An emergency preparedness alliance of healthcare systems

Together we develop effective preparedness plans, trainings, and relationships that will help save lives in Central Virginia and across the Commonwealth during emergencies & disasters.

Emergency Resource Management

CVHC maintains a cache of resources designed to augment the emergency response & recovery capabilities of our coalition members during major incidents and disasters.


Incident Coordination

The Regional Healthcare Coordination Center is always available for emergency activation to provide coalition members & partners with alerts, resources, coordination support, and ongoing healthcare intelligence about critical incidents. The RHCC is staffed and available 24 hours a day. 1-800-276-0683

VHASS Help Desk

The Virginia Healthcare Alerting and Status System (VHASS) enhances the distribution of critical emergency management information needed by Virginia hospitals and healthcare providers. VHASS Help Desk tickets can be submitted here.