2020 Exercise Series

CVHC Medically Vulnerable Populations Tabletop & Full Scale Exercises

All Central Region healthcare organizations are invited to enroll in the 2020 CVHC Vulnerable Populations Exercise Series. Successful completion of this exercise program may assist you in meeting the CMS-required annual tabletop and full-scale exercise requirements for your healthcare organization. Registration is currently limited to healthcare organizations who operate in the Central Healthcare Emergency Planning Region.

Tabletop Dates
  • Dialysis, Home Health & Hospice
Full-Scale Exercise & AAR Dates
  • 03/16: WebEx After Action Review: Lessons Learned – Hotwash
    • Webinar Link
    • Password:
  • 03/16: Full scale / Functional Exercise
    • FSE Briefing
    • FSE VHASS Event Detail
    • FSE VHASS Event Log
    • FSE Attendance Roster
    • FSE Participating Agencies & Organizations
    • Analysis of CMS Exercise Requirments & CVHC Exercise Details
    • Analysis of Joint Commission Standard EM & CVHC Exercise Detail
    • FSE AAR Template
    • FSE AAR Webex Recording
    • VHASS Plan Annex / Explanation
    • Cover Letter (Must have completed TTX and FSE)

Coalition Surge Test

  • CST Cover Letter
  • CST Hospital Briefing
    • Powerpoint
  • Webex: Pending Date
  • CST Manual (ASPR)
  • CST VHASS Event Detail
  • CST VHASS Event Log
  • Analysis of CMS Exercise Requirement & CVHC Exercise Details
  • Analysis of Joint Commission Standard & CVHC Exercise Detail
  • CST Participants Roster
  • CST AAR Template (to be completed by the facility)
  • VHASS Plan Annex / Explanation

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