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SALARY: $78,000 – $88,000, PLUS BENEFITS

Summary: The Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition (CVHC) is recruiting a Hospital Readiness and Response Coordinator (HRRC). The Hospital Readiness and Response Coordinator will assist the Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition and the Virginia Healthcare Emergency Management Program with efforts to improve regional and statewide healthcare emergency management systems. This program is a cooperative partnership with the Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association as a part of the federal Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) grant administered by the US Department of Health & Human Services’ Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response (ASPR). The Hospital Readiness and Response Coordinator is responsible for coordination directly with our regional hospital members and partners of the coalition.  The Hospital Readiness and Response Coordinator shall assist with the execution of the CVHC multi-year strategic plan and assist the CVHC Program Director to ensure all contractual grant deliverables with the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association and the Virginia Department of Health are completed on time. The Hospital Readiness and Response Coordinator is supervised by the CVHC Program Director. This position is funded by the federal Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) grant, and continuation of the position is subject to the annual availability of grant funds. The position is based in Richmond, VA, and occasional out-of-town or overnight travel is required.

Essential Functions:

  1. Serve as a point of strategic planning and operationalize emergency preparedness activities for our regional hospitals and free-standing emergency departments.
  2. Serve as an essential point of contact between CVHC and our regional hospital systems. This position reports to the CVHC Program Director. Additionally, the Hospital Readiness and Response Coordinator shall coordinate with the VHHA Director and Deputy Director of Emergency Preparedness, and the VDH State Hospital Coordinator as directed by the CVHC Program Director for technical assistance and strategic programmatic needs when applicable.
  3. Coordinate, facilitate, implement and complete in a timely manner the tasks identified by the HPP grant, as well as in the MOU between the CVHC, VHHA and VDH.
  4. Communicate and work effectively with healthcare administrators, public health officials, public safety officials, emergency management officials, non-governmental organizations and other involved partners.
  5. Encourage and participate in goal setting and communicate objectives. Strategically develop new opportunities and ensure capacity to achieve future goals including operational sustainability.
  6. Assist the CVHC in developing and maintaining a plan for sustainable emergency operations of our Regional Hospitals Systems.
  7. Conduct the annual hospital and free-standing emergency department site visits in cooperation with the CVHC Resource Management/Logistics staff.
  8. As necessary, assist our CVHC MVP Coordinator with coordination and respond to request for support of our other healthcare members and partners (long term care, dialysis, home health, hospice and other MVP type facilities/organizations).
  9. Create an environment that encourages and rewards cooperation, collective problem-solving and participative decision-making.
  10. Submit reports and information as required by the CVHC, HPP Grant, VHHA, and VDH in a timely and accurate manner.
  11. Assist the CVHC Program Director in the management of the budget and financial process as applicable to the hospital and healthcare systems.
  12. Coordinate, attend, and serve as primary staff support for applicable meetings involving the hospital and healthcare systems. Meetings may also include subcommittees and workgroups of CVHC.
  13. Visit and build relationships with hospital organizations receiving state and federal hospital preparedness funding within the region at least once each year to review operational readiness and maintenance of hospital preparedness-funded inventory.
  14. Support a 24/7 coalition response capability, being available to respond to emergency events according to regional plans as required, including sharing on-call responsibilities with the CVHC team and supporting physical staffing of the Regional Healthcare Coordination Center (RHCC) when activated.
  15. Fill in for the CVHC Program Director and RHCC Manager as needed during their absence for activities, meetings and routine business for the coalition. This may include conducting meetings with the CVHC Executive Board, Members and Partners as applicable.
  16. As necessary, assist our CVHC Regional Healthcare Coordination Center (RHCC) Manager with activities, coordination and respond to requests through the Regional Healthcare Coordination Center (RHCC). This may include but not limited to our healthcare coalition members, partners and other healthcare and public safety stakeholders. 
  17. As necessary, assist our CVHC Preparedness, Exercise and Training (PET) Coordinator with activities related to our healthcare coalition preparedness, exercise and training initiatives for our members, partners and other healthcare and public safety stakeholders. 

Key Requirements:

  1. Detail-oriented, self-starter who is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
  2. Demonstrated ability to listen, communicate, and work well with people of diverse backgrounds, including effective problem-solving and conflict management abilities.
  3. Demonstrated ability to speak, write, and communicate effectively in English.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge of existing healthcare emergency management resources and will be familiar with state and regional planning activities.
  5. Demonstrated experience working with administrators and clinicians in the healthcare community.
  6. Demonstrated ability to manage multiple complex projects, timelines, and deliver results within expected deadlines.
  7. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of various communications systems (RF radio, LTE technology, Wi-Fi, network platforms, Amateur Radio).
  8. Information technology proficiency in applications such as Microsoft Office, WordPress, Google Suite, and virtual platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc…

Education, Training, and Experience:

While a bachelor’s degree is preferred in a healthcare field, nursing leadership, emergency management, business administration, or a related field of study may be substituted if the candidate has experience in healthcare emergency management or coalition-building.

The successful candidate will have extensive working knowledge of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and possess the following required courses under the Incident Command System (ICS): IS100, IS200, IS700 and IS800. Additionally, the candidate shall possess or shall attend and obtain IS300 and IS400 within the first 12 months of employment with the coalition. The candidate should also have a working knowledge of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). 

Employment Status:

This is an “Exempt” Full Time position hired as a W2 employee of the Old Dominion Emergency Medical Services Alliance who serves as the fiduciary agent for the Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition.  This position is only guarneteed year to year (July 1 through June 30) as the ASPR HPP funding year is programmed for these yearly performance periods.

Application and Hiring Process:

The applications will be reviewed and interviews scheduled after the application deadline closes. target hire date will be in March 2022.


This position is an ASPR HPP Grant funded position and is approved and funded for the remainder of the FY22 (July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022) budget year.  The Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition is currently working in the FY22 (July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022) budget and work plans. This position will continue at the discretion of the Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition Executive Board in cooperation with the Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition Program Director.

To Apply: Click this link and fill out the application in its entirety by 5:00 P.M. EST on Tuesday, February 15, 2022.

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