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Current COVID Hospitalizations
(Confirmed + Pending)
Current COVID ICU Hospitalizations
(Confirmed + Pending)
Current COVID Hospitalizations on Ventilator
(Confirmed + Pending)

(↑ 30 from yesterday)

(↑ 13 from yesterday)
(↓ 5 from yesterday)
(↑ 1,087 from yesterday)

Hospitalization Trends

· The 7-day average of hospitalizations (confirmed and pending) decreased, averaging 1,003 hospitalizations per day (down by 4 from yesterday’s 7-day average)

· Confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations trends by hospital and health system (pg. 18-24)

Current Confirmed COVID-19 Hospitalizations

· Facilities reported 820 confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations

Current Hospitalized Patients Pending COVID-19 Diagnosis

· Facilities reported 183 hospitalized patients pending a COVID-19 test

Ventilator Availability

· Facilities reported 2,925 ventilators

· Facilities reported 875 ventilators in use

· The percentage of ventilators in use is 30%

Bed Availability

· Facilities reported 3,362 available beds (an increase of 96 beds from the previous day)

Quarantined Staff

· Facilities reported 365 staff members currently out of work on quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure or COVID-19 positive test result

· 1 facility is reporting critical impacts as a result of staff members out of work due to COVID-19 exposure or COVID-19 positive test result


· No facilities reported insufficient PPE supplies for the next 72 hours.

Medical Supplies

· One facility reported difficulty in obtaining or replenishing enough general medical supplies to meet demand in the next 72 hours

      • CHKD


· No facility reported difficulty in obtaining or replenishing enough pharmaceuticals to meet demand in the next 72 hours

Staffing Status

· One facility reported insufficient staffing needs currently and within the next 96 hours.

§ Twin County Regional Hospital

Security Status

· 109 hospitals reported restricted access

Emergency Operations Status

· 80 facilities reported an active emergency operations status

Data Reporting

· 16 facilities have not updated their VHASS report in more than 24 hours (86% response rate)

Hospital Surge Levels Report (State and Regional)

  • ICU Bed Capacity: Conventional
  • ICU COVID Hospitalizations: Conventional
  • Ventilator Utilization: Conventional
  • Quarantined Staff: 365
  • Hospitalization Trends: increasing (3.1%)
  • Regional dashboards available on pages (2-7)

ICU VHASS Capacity Report

  • ICU Utilization excluding surge ICU beds: 80.14%
  • ICU Utilization including surge ICU beds: 52.33%
  • Regional Response Levels (6 regions total):
    • Level 1 (Conventional): 6
    • Level 2 (Contingency): 1 (near southwest)
    • Level 3 (Crisis): 0
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ICU – VHASS Daily Report v1.2 – 3-25-21.pdf

COVID – VHASS Daily Report v2021.3- 3-25-21.pdf

Virginia State Surge Level State and Regional Overview 03.25.21.pdf

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