PPE Technical Guidance

3M Letter Regarding N95 Decontamination

Tito’s Handmade Vodka Hand Cleanser, the “Cleanser”

They are not charging for the sanitizer itself and groups that request it typically just have to pay to ship. However, for local municipalities or healthcare/hospital facilities that need a pellet, they are covering the shipping cost. The process is below as it is now pretty streamlined and it shows what information will need. The containers are 1 gallon and come 4 bottles per case and 36 cases per pallet for a total of 144 gallons. As a reminder, this sanitizer is liquid-based so it does come out pretty fast vs. the gel sanitizer that a lot are used to.
  1. Reach out to contact and confirm their need for sanitizer Organization fills out the Request Form.
  2. Organization signs Waiver for Cleanser
  3. Send the following info so they can input the order to the distillery:
    1. Organization Name
    2. Organization Contact (who will be receiving the shipment)
    3. Contact Cell Phone
    4. Contact Email
    5. Shipping address and confirmation of loading dock/pallet jack.
    6. Size and number of cases
  4. Order is shipped from the distillery
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