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SALARY: $76,000 – $86,000, PLUS BENEFITS

Position Description: The Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition (CVHC) Medically Vulnerable Populations Coordinator supports emergency preparedness, response, and recovery activities with various non-hospital healthcare community stakeholders. These stakeholders include long-term care, residential care communities, renal dialysis, hospice, home health and others as assigned by the Healthcare Coalition group leadership and strategic plan.  This position requires the ability to effectively coordinate/work with these stakeholders and support CVHC staff, government officials, healthcare community partners, public health officials, public safety officials, and other involved partners.

The successful candidate must be proficient in oral and written communication skills, have computer skills with a working knowledge of business applications and technology (Microsoft Office Suite). Frequent travel within the 23-county/5-city CVHC region, and periodic travel outside the region is required. Overnight travel may be required.

The Medically Vulnerable Populations Coordinator is a contracted employee of the Old Dominion EMS Alliance, the fiscal agent for CVHC. The Medically Vulnerable Populations Coordinator is supervised by and reports to the CVHC Program Director.

The position is contracted annually and is fully funded by a federal grant program on an annual basis. Renewals for additional one-year periods are offered based on availability of grant funds and performance.

A comprehensive benefit package is available.

Key Requirements:

  • Detail-oriented, self-starter and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Demonstrated the ability to manage multiple projects, timelines, and deliver results within expected deadlines and within budgets.
  • Demonstrated ability to listen, communicate, and work well with people of diverse backgrounds, including effective problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.
  • Strong information technology proficiency in applications such as Microsoft Office, WordPress, Google Suites, and WebEx.
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze complex problems and implement effective solutions with the input and buy-in of stakeholders.
  • Experience in healthcare administration, healthcare emergency management, or jurisdictional emergency management is preferred.

Education Requirements / Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in public health, health care administration, nursing, emergency management, public administration, health care planning, education, or other appropriate field with at least 2 years of experience and/or training in emergency/disaster planning is required. Computer, radio, telephone, and other general technical skills are preferred. Strong interpersonal, public relations and project management skills are preferred. Genuine passion for and commitment to the CVHC mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives.

The ideal candidate shall be able to demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Incident Command System (ICS), and the Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP). Candidates for this position shall possess an ICS 100, 200, 700, 800 certifications. ICS300 and 400 are highly recommended.

Candidate must have a valid Virginia or another US state’s valid driver’s license.  Candidate must also have a dependable means of transportation to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this position.

At the discretion of the CVHC Program Director, a combination of training, education, and experience may be substituted for the required degree.

Essential Functions:

  • Develop and maintain knowledge of the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) Emergency Preparedness (EP) Rule and be able to assist coalition partners with development/revision of their emergency operations plans. 
  • Be able to apply incident management practices to healthcare partners using the Nursing Home Incident Command System (NHICS) as a foundation. This would include various position job aids and response guides.
  • Be able to develop and deliver various types of exercises to audiences of various sizes to support their exercise goals and objectives.
  • Maintain all point of contact databases including email groups, directories and VHASS organization/individual member data.
  • Provide site visits both virtually and in-person to ensure that coalition partner needs are being met and to reinforce services that the coalition offers.
  • Participate in and encourage partners to become involved in/attend regional activities and meetings. This includes the submission of a weekly activity report to the CVHC Program Director and a monthly report to be completed/filed by the MVP Coordinator prior to the Coalition monthly meeting for the members, partners, CVHC advisory/executive board and staff of the healthcare coalition.
  • Assist the Regional Healthcare Program Director in ensuring the integration and compatibility of healthcare organization plans with coalition and jurisdictional emergency response plans.
  • Develop understanding and expertise on regulatory and accreditation requirements for CVHC stakeholders.
  • Support a 24/7/365 day per year coalition capability being available to respond to emergency events according to regional plans when required, including sharing on-call responsibilities, and supporting physical or virtual staffing of the Regional Healthcare Coordination Center (RHCC).

Other Potential Duties:

  • Regional Healthcare Coordination Center 
    • Integrate the above-mentioned groups into a comprehensive Regional Healthcare Coordination Center concept that unifies all facets of healthcare to enhance information sharing, coordinated regional response to disasters, and a sustainable and collaborative approach to regional health and medical capabilities improvement.
    • Manage and support a 24/7/365 day a year RHCC capability, being available to react and respond to emergency and non-emergency activations, RHCC Hotline calls, including on call responsibilities and managing RHCC staffing duties and responsibilities.
    • Support activation of RHCC during actual emergency events per regional plan and assume duties as assigned within the Multi-Agency Coordination Center structure via virtual or physical presence in the primary/secondary/mobile RHCC.
    • Enhance the information sharing processes and systems via a unified Regional Healthcare Coordination Center
    • Produce, publish, and archive records for regional communications drills, monthly compliance dashboards, vendor capabilities and contacts, regional plans (including the CVHC all-hazards plan), and perform site visits in accordance with VHHA/VDH/CVHC priorities and requirements.
    • Conduct site visits to member organizations to verify and document MOU compliance.
    • This position shall on occasion, recruit, train, schedule, and provide general supervision of on-call Duty Officers, inventory specialists, and other RHCC staff including the maintenance of a comprehensive contact database.
    • Assist with the creation, management, and maintenance of the annual CVHC budget.
  • Technology Support
    • Develop operational familiarity and provide support for the region’s communications, public relations, and internal operating systems to include, but not limited to: VHASS (membership management, resource management tool),, Operative IQ, Web EOC, the CVHC website, CRISiS Communications System, RIOS, satellite internet systems/telephones, VOIP telephony software, portable radio programming systems, WebEx, wireless teleconference system, digital video recording, video production/editing software/systems, etc.
  • PR/Communications
    • Provide support for development and presentation of various educational programs.
  • Assist the other CVHC staff with their assigned duties and responsibilities as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.


This position is an at-will, FLSA exempt position and is not subject to overtime compensation.

Employment Status:

This is an “Exempt” Full Time position hired as a W2 employee of the Old Dominion Emergency Medical Services Alliance who serves as the fiduciary agent for the Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition.  This position is only funded year to year (July 1 through June 30) as the ASPR HPP funding year is programmed for these yearly performance periods.

Application and Hiring Process:

The applications will be reviewed and interviews scheduled after the application deadline closes.  

To Apply: Click this link and fill out the application in its entirety by 5:00 P.M. EST on Friday, August 18, 2023.

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