NETEC Webinars

The National Emerging Special Pathogen Training and Education Center (NETEC) is comprised of faculty and staff from Emory University, the University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medicine and the New York Health and Hospitals Corporation, Bellevue Hospital Center. All three of these health care institutions have safely and successfully treated patients with Ebola and have worked diligently to share their knowledge with other health care facilities and public health jurisdictions.
Their mission is to increase the capability of United States public health and health care systems to safely and effectively manage individuals with suspected and confirmed special pathogens.

Education Series on COVID-19

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Testing through the lens of ED during COVID-19: Pearls and Pitfalls

This webinar will discuss the perspective of institutional testing strategies during COVID 19, the planning and processes surrounding pre-procedural testing, and the unique challenges and strategies used to address the challenges.
Webinar – 54 mins – 07.01.2020

Pathophysiology of COVID-19

This webinar will provide deeper insight into ARDS, thromboembolism and the Cytokine Storm.
Webinar – 54 mins – 06.26.2020

Resiliency: Riding the wave of COVID-19

In this webinar, participants will understand how to assess and foster post-traumatic growth, the importance of bi-directional (systems/individual) approaches to resilience, and how to practice a few short-term/simple resilience practices.
Webinar – 54 mins – 06.24.2020

Challenges, Strategies, and Lessons Learned: COVID-19 in EMS

This webinar will review strategies used to transport COVID-19 patients and persons under investigation to healthcare facilities, efforts to address challenges, describe a methodology to increase the likelihood of identifying infectious disease risks in the workplace (Identity, Isolate and Inform), and describe strategies to prevent transmission of disease.
Webinar – 54 mins – 06.19.2020

Environmental Cleaning and Infection Prevention

This webinar will describe the process for effective environmental cleaning and disinfection practices for COVID in the settings of acute care, long term care and skilled nursing facilities, identify strategies for waste and linen management, cleaning of medical equipment and proper PPE for environmental services personnel when cleaning COVID patient rooms.
Webinar – 56 mins – 06.05.2020

Use of HICS for COVID19 Resilience and Recovery & COVID-19

Emergency Management Webinar Series: Use of HICS for COVID-19 Resilience and Recovery
Webinar – 56 mins – 06.03.2020

Ventilator Support for Patients with COVID19: Initial Approach & Advanced Modalities

This webinar will discuss ventilator strategies and innovative approaches to handling critically ill COVID-19 patients presenting with acute hypoxic respiratory failure.
Webinar – 54 mins – 05.29.2020

A Steep Curve: Managing the Surge of COVID19 Patients Requiring Dialysis

This webinar will identify the importance of assessment and on-the-fly planning when caring for an unplanned influx of patients needing dialysis.
Webinar – 59 mins – 05.27.2020

EM Series: Use of HICS for COVID19 Preparedness, Mitigation, & Response

This webinar will describe best practices used to help with COVID-19 operational response planning, identify innovative approaches to tracking and mapping COVID-19 cases including required resources and discuss how the Incident Command System (ICS) model facilitates informed decisions to effectively plan and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Webinar – 62 mins – 05.20.2020

Rapid Ambulatory COVID Testing: From A to PPE

This webinar will review the strategies and guidance available to help communities stand up rapid COVID-19 testing in a safe and effective way.
Webinar – 54 mins – 05.15.2020

PPE! You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers

In this NETEC town hall forum, NETEC subject matter experts will be on hand to answer frequently asked questions surrounding the use of Personal Protective Equipment in the care of COVID-19 patients.
Webinar – 65 mins – 05.13.2020

Long Term Care: Strategies to Care for Vulnerable Populations

Identifying strategies and innovative practices for the identification and management of COVID19 patients and for safe continuity of care for all
Webinar – 60 mins – 05.08.2020

The Use of Proning: Implications for your Patients and Your Team

Discuss the clinical importance and indications of proving, describe the process of proning for COVID-19 cases, focusing on strategies employed and lessons learned.
Webinar – 61 mins – 05.01.2020

Ethical Issues in Pandemic Response, Triage, and Beyond

Discuss Critical Standards of Care – what they are, when they occur, and the ethical principles to adhere to during a crisis. Additional topics will include resource allocation, triage, and disparities and limitations related to COVID-19.
Webinar – 63 mins – 04.29.2020

Laboratory Operations, Challenges, and Innovations for COVID19

The landscape of testing, focusing on different testing platforms, prioritization of testing, and biosafety implications.
Webinar – 62 mins – 04.24.2020

Healthcare Workers and Masks

The what, how, and why of masks for healthcare workers caring for patients during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Webinar – 62 mins – 04.17.2020

Care of Labor and Delivery Patients

Approach to care for pregnant COVID patients and those under investigation for labor and delivery, pregnancy, and childbirth.
Webinar – 56 mins – 04.16.2020

Telemedicine Innovations

Emory Healthcare has rapidly increased telemedicine on the outpatient and inpatient sides in response to the Covid Crisis. Learn about our approach before and during COVID, and we’ll discuss possible post COVID scenarios.
Webinar – 57 mins – 04.13.2020

Caring for Pediatric Patients

Tips and best practices for caring for pediatric patients with COVID-19.
Webinar – 59 mins – 04.10.2020

Innovative Engineering Controls (Turning Positive Rooms into Negative Rooms)

This webinar discusses requirements and engineering considerations when transforming a normal/positive room into a negative air room to provide care for COVID-19 patients.
Webinar – 54 mins – 04.08.2020

Care for the Caregivers

This webinar will provide tips on teaching resiliency among healthcare workers, risk factors, how to overcome and develop a peer support plan, resiliency road map, and overall strategies.
Webinar – 62 mins – 04.06.2020

1135 Waiver Education

Information about 1135 Waivers. What is the Waiver? Information on the flexibility it provides, the waiver requirements, and its implications.
Webinar – 52 mins – 04.03.2020

N95 UVGI Process for Decontamination and Reuse

N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Process for Decontamination and Reuse. Extended use, reuse, and innovative decontamination strategies for COVID-19 personal protective equipment.
Webinar – 64 mins – 03.27.2020