This page is reserved for the collection of items to assist healthcare facilities in the event of a declared hurricane watch / warning issued within the Commonwealth.

Documents compiled in this Collective were disseminated via WebEx, email, VHASS Alerts and RHCC distribution methods.

The documents in this Collective are available to  provide Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, Dialysis Centers, and Medically Vulnerable Populations resources and education for preparedness, response, and recovery efforts during the event of Hurricane DORIAN (September 2019).




Collective Documents:

  1. General Educational Documents and Job Aids (for all member types)

Hurricane Dorian Information:

RHCC/CVHC/VHASS Information:

For your facility’s use:

Specifics for your facility type:

  1. Situation Reports – TO BE Completed by Hospitals, LTC, Dialysis
  2. Hospital Specific
  3. Long Term Care Facility Specific
  4. Dialysis Specific
  5. Medically Vulnerable Populations Specific

FOR DOCUMENTATION OF THIS EXACT EVENT Redirection: For Situational Reports and Updates on the storm or to post event updates from your facility please go to VHASS

RHCC Emergency Hotline #: RHCC (Emergencies Only): 1-800-276-068